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Agrorite is leading the fight against food insecurity by improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers and making Agribusiness profitable

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Our Value Chain

Our approach is inspired by our determination to improve the agricultural landscape in Africa.

Input Financing

Bridging the financinal gap for smallholder farmers through acess to quality farm inputs/seedlings and technical support

Agricultural Technology & Consultancy

Boosting overall farming efficiency by leveraging on the power of technology via our satellite imagery, remote sensing systems & IVRs.


Providing adequate farming security from planting to post harvest to ensure maximum productivity.


Ensuring accessibility of conducive storage systems for smallholder farmers after harvest.

Commodity Trading

Exportation of in-demand agro commodities with high level of nutritional and quality standards.

Food Processing

Producing of quality semi-finished Agro product for direct consumption.

Global Exportation of Agricultural Commodities

In line with our mandate of providing premium markets for smallholder farmers, we have networks of credible offtakers around 3 continents with the capacity to buy from our on-boarded smallholder farmers.
We are always open to do business with more credible offtakers that require high quality agricultural produce.

Our trading activities spans across 3 Continents

Traded over 185,000MT of Agro Commodities

Our specialties: Sesame seeds, Cashew, Ginger, Peanut and Shea Butter

Over 20,000MT Storage Capacity


Farming, Aggregation and Processing

We are improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers by providing access to finance, smart advisory services and profitable market linkages.

Over 25,000
Farmers Network

Cultivated on over
8,230 hectares of farmland

Our farm lands
spread accross 16 states in Nigeria

Over 110,340MT of
farm produce cultivated

Agricultural Technology & Consultancy

Leveraging technology for smart farming. Our On-farm technology and data management services help farmers make better decisions, boost efficiency, increase yield and become more sustainable


Why Agrorite?

Zero Hunger

Our primary core values involves sustainable food production for Africa by engaging smallholder farmers effectively.

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Decent Returns

Offering competitive returns on sponsorship with regular updates.

Reliable Off-Takers

Our network of credible off-takers span over 3 continents and have been existing for decades


Farms and trading activities management are technology driven, coupled with insurance cover. Technical support from global partners in Finance, Legal,Advisory services, Marketing, Government relations and Agricultural management

Short farm Cycles

Our farm cycles and turnaround investment period range from 4 - 8 months

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By becoming a partner, you join our satisfied partner’s poll whilst gaining decent ROI on your investment in addition to impacting the livelihood of smallholders and contributing to achieve global food security.

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