About Us

Who We Are

We are an Agribusiness, leveraging technology to proffer innovative solutions to warehousing, and local and international fair trade of agricultural commodities in order to guarantee profitability within the sector.

Our charge is to ensure the realization of positive outcomes for farmers in order to tackle the challenges of food insecurity in Africa.

Our Vision

To inspire the production and distribution of sustainable food for Africa.

Our Mission

To improve the livelihood of every small holder farmer in Africa.

What We Do

We are invested in the post-harvest value chain of Agriculture. We give premium buyers the “farm to fork” experience by providing warehousing solutions to guarantee the most minimum post - harvest waste, and providing access to both local and international markets to guarantee profitability for investments.

How We Started

A chanced meeting of one of the Founders of Agrorite with one Mr. Ule, a small holder farmer in Benue laid the foundation for the incorporation of Agrorite. Mr. Ule was a yam farmer in Benue state (the state spopularly referred to as the food basket of the nation), and was burdened by the known challenges affecting small holder farmers in Africa, but most especially the challenges of post harvest waste made worse by a lack of access to profitable markets.

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Our Procedure

Our time tested procedure of delivering a realistic market income revenue to the benefit of farmers and investors is second to none.

1. Contracts

We secure access to premium markets by sourcing profitable contracts from both local and international buyers, before the harvest period.

2. Harvest and warehousing

During harvest period the ripe crops are harvested from the field by the farmers and collected to a central Agrorite Aggregation Center (AGC) for easy off take.

3. Trade

Prior to embarking on a farming project, we source and identify buyers and negotiate on profitable margins that will favor the farmers. Upon harvest, the produce is package and shipped to the off takers locally or internationally. Crops not cultivate by us are equally sourced for trading.

Our Value Chain

Our value chain approach in agricultural development helps identify weak points in the chain and actions to add more value.


Provision of accessible central aggregation centers and warehousing for storage of produce and for easy offtake.

Food Processing
& Trading

Quality processing and packaging of farm produce into semi-finished products for consumers.

Commodity Trading

Exportation of in-demand agro commodities to meet local and international needs.

Agricultural Technology & Consultancy

Exposing the common ground between Agriculture and Technology and also providing smart Agri-advisory.


Providing investment security that covers all Business to Customer (B2C) processes, farming and agro commodities in the value chain.