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Get to know more about Agrorite
Agrorite is a prominent digital company is basically in the business of creating high impact social investment for small holder farmers, helping them with advisory, improved outcomes and most all profitable market linkages.
Agroriters are registered individuals on that fund farming projects and earn profits.

Passion: Driving goals with great enthusiasm.

Humanity: Making positive impact on others.

Inclusion: Being valued, respected and appreciated.

Multidisciplinary: Finding solutions together.

How to start Investing today

You can join the Agrorite family by signing up with your email now on our website.

Choose your farm/investment options from the accessible farms after you sign up. Choose the amount of unit you're prepared to finance. Then go ahead to make payment.

You will on a regular basis get updates on all the farms/investments you have and also newsletters to keep you informed about the progress of your farm. These will be updated directly on your custom dashboard.

Expected returns of proceeds from produce are distributed to all subscribers to a farm upon harvest. This takes place within the stipulated tenure period.

Immediately after payment, a confirmation message that acknowledges the receipt of the farm funding, the location of the farm you funded, the duration of the farm cycle and the end date of your farm cycle will be sent to you

On a regular basis, you can receive farm notifications that keep you updated from the beginning to the end of the farm period on all activities on your farm.

Cycles varies with respect to farm produce/crop being planted. This is between the periods of 4 to 12 months.
The minimum number of farms that you can sponsor is one (1) unit of any farm and you can sponsor as many farms as you choose, but this depends on the availability of the farm. Always advisable to act fast.
Everyone above the age bracket can invest (18+)

No, you do not. There is no additional interest in investing in more than one unit. When you purchase a farm unit at 20%, the price is flat and the same when you buy 2 units or even 20 units

For example, if you purchase 3 units of a poultry farm worth N60000 per unit at 20%, your ROI shall be calculated as 20% of the total amount invested. In this case, your profit 20% of N180000, which is N36000, and a total of N216000 will be paid back to you.

Yes, of course! You will receive monthly updates on our progress with farm activities. Updates on the farm can also be found on your dashboard by clicking on Farm updates on the farm you paid for.

Search your spam folder in your inbox, contact, call us on 08035429041 and we'd deliver it to your inbox if you don't receive updates.

When you see a unit's price to support a farmer on each crop, it's been carefully measured to account for everything it takes to start and complete a farm activity.

Your funds cover a host of things; like purchasing, planting, to processing all kinds of input and farm operation logistics.

Agrorite has a team of Agric experts and strategic partners whose primary responsibility is to ensure that our farms follow standard farm management practices while using state-of - the-art farming methods, improved seedlings and new farm equipment; to ensure we have the best farm yields.

We have taken appropriate steps by ensuring that all our farm ventures are mitigated against any unexpected risks that might result in the sponsor's loss of assets.

We provide insurance cover for all current farm projects, so that the sponsor's money can be reimbursed in the case of unforeseen circumstances. The insurance covers only the initial sponsorship money, the return after harvest is not insured.

In line with our SDG Goals, Our dream for small-scale farmers in Africa is constantly evolving and we continue to ask ourselves; how can we do more? How can we make the millions of farmers in Nigeria and across the continent a better reality?

We can only do that with your funds and that's why we want you to be a part of our journey to empowering farmers and making Africa the food basket of the world.

On your dashboard you'll find detailed information about your sponsored farms. Did you sign up on our website?

When you're on our website, click on the dashboard icon and it will take you to your dashboard. You can also find details of all your farms on the payment tab or even on the History page on your dashboard.

Unfortunately, returns (capital and interest) are paid at the end of the farm cycle.

Unfortunately, you cannot the system works in such a way that the funds are collectively disbursed to the farmers at the end of each day as agricultural inputs when you finance a crop.

We would not be able to make refunds within your subscription period because your funds would already have been engaged to empower a farmer and if the farm cycle isn't over, there isn't a way possible to liquidation

Most of the time, payment problems that occur if you have not updated your bank account information correctly on our website or if the bank information provided has one or more limitations on it, such as tier rates and everything in between.

Don't worry, at every step of using our site, we've protected you, we'll meet you if we find any problems with making repayments. Edit the data and call us or give us a whatSapp message at + 234 8035429041 and we'd have it fixed for you.

On the contrary, no extra fee or management fee is required to fund a farm

The only money you are ever required to pay is the amount needed to fund a farm as specified, we handle the transactions costs. At the end of the farming cycle, your capital and interest is paid into your bank account as specified on the dashboard.

You can get additional information by clicking on "about us, investment and by putting a call through to us.

We encourage farmers to reach reached out to us on +234 803 542 9041 and we will take them through our farmers’ onboarding process.
Reach out to us on +234 803 542 9041. Our field specialists are readily available to inspect your farm and its location.