01. What is Agrorite?

Agrorite is a prominent digital company that is basically in the business of creating high impact social investment for small holder farmers, helping them with advisory, improved outcomes and most all profitable market linkages.

02. Who is an Agroriter?

Agroriters are registered individuals on agrorite.com that invest or purchase in farm produce.

03. How can I become an Agroriter?

Create an account on agrorite.com, invest on the trading platform or purchase our farm produce at competitive prices.

04. When will I get my Returns on Investment?

The amount invested and the interest accrued will be credited to agroriters at the end of the investment tenure.

05. Do I get updates/certificate on my investments?

Yes, of course! Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive an investment certificate with your details of investment and your cash out date. Also, you will receive monthly updates on our progress with farm activities. Updates to the farm can also be found on your dashboard.

06. Do I get a monthly interest?

No, returns (capital and interest) are paid at the end of the farm cycle.

07. What else am I expected to pay for?

On the contrary, no extra fee or management fee is required to fund a farm. The only money you are ever required to pay is the amount needed to fund a farm as specified, we handle the transactions costs. At the end of the farming cycle, your capital and interest is paid into your bank account as specified on the dashboard.