Impact Agenda

Our social impact is in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

no poverty
zero hunger
reduce inequality
responsible consumption


Poverty is a state of not being able to cater for one’s needs- food shelter and clothing. It can also be measured as people living on less than $1.25 daily.

Eradicating poverty is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity . Agrorite on her part, is working hard to achieve this. They create markets for the farm produce of Small holder farmers by connecting them to off takers. The farmers are able to generate income to cater for their basic needs, thereby reducing poverty.

The level of wastage of perishable farm produce resulting from unavailable market for the produce is reduced through the connection with the off takers. The level of poverty is being reduced by Agrorite through the creation of “income generating activities”. The laborers that work on the farm during planting season, get paid which leaving them with income to meet their needs.

Creation of job opportunity for youth is another measure through which Agrorite is making impact in the cause of eradicating poverty. Youth are employed to handle some administrative activities in the office and earned some income at the end of the month.


The target of this goal is to achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. In a bid to zero hunger , Agrorite is encourages the youth to get involved in agriculture which in turn will increase the volume of food. When more youth get involved in agriculture, the output increases making food stuff to be sufficient and available at affordable price.

Farmers are also encouraged to multi crop, which crates room for variety of crops in the various classes of nutrient .The issue of malnutrition is tackled and also end hunger.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequality

What exactly is inequality? Inequality means difference in size, quantity, degree, conditions or circumstances, etc. Inequality can be explained in different context. Other words for inequality includes; imbalance, unevenness, variation, etc. Cambridge English Dictionary postulates inequality as an unfair situation in the society where people have more opportunities, money, influence, etc. Inequality differs, in which some have been mentioned above.

People differ from each other economically which is called Economic Inequality, opportunities, status, size, outcomes, status, rights, race, gender, etc. Everyone cannot be equal. Nevertheless, there should be a sense of humanity and evenness in the society and the world at large. John F. Kennedy said in one of his quotes on education, “Not everyone has equal abilities, but everyone should have equal opportunity for education”. Everyone is not equal, but humanity and evenness can greatly exist.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

This goal describes that there should be an accountable pattern for production and consumption. While pursuing economic growth, the eco and environmental system should not be left out. According to the United Nations Development Programme, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year, while almost 2 billion people go hungry or undernourished. Also, the emissions of gas and toxic wastes to the society is becoming rampant. Manufacturing companies, vehicles, and some other outputs injects these wastes to the environment.

Responsible Consumption and Production also involves the supply chain. Accessed market is important, so, the supply chain should be more reliable. Goods produced should reach consumers easily.