Animal and Crop Production

We believe in empowering and improving the livelihood of small holder farmers in Africa. As such, our operations see us providing these small holder farmers with smart advisory on agricultural activities, input, finance and profitable markets.

By providing all these, we are able to produce the best quality yield of crops and animals to meet the demands of off takers, both locally and internationally.

Agro-Commodity Trading

With a large network of off takers across the world, we can boast of access to premium markets for our agricultural commodities. With over 300,000+ MT of commodities such as Cashew Nuts, Cocoa, Peanuts, Shea Butter amongst others traded, and a plan to trade an even wider range of crops, and the availability of warehouses across the country, we have created a niche for ourselves in the agro-commodity trading space and can only improve upon such activities.

Agrorite Bookies

With the introduction of “Agrorite Bookie”, we have been able to seamlessly leverage technology to positively impact on our small holder farmers, by helping them make better decisions, boost their efficiency and yield and most importantly make their farms more sustainable through the constant supply of data.

Agrorite Bookie, has proven that real time data collection, collation and dissemination is possible and as such farmers, charged with such data, are better equipped to be efficient and productive.

Last Updated: 6th Day of July, 2022.