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Our Procedure

Our time tested procedure of delivering a realistic market income revenue to the benefit of our farmers and investors is second to none. We have a 2 months period to set in motion a project

1. Onboarding Farmers

We partner with Farmers Association, Cooperatives and Community heads to identify serious and experience farmers within communities who cultivates same crop. We educate them on premium offtakers and linkage to these offtakers who will buy off their produce at harvest at a competitive price.

2. Training & Provision of Seedlings

Once serious farmers has been aggregated, we offer them necessary trainings on smart farming, Provide seedlings, fertilizers, funds and machineries for cultivating.

3. Financing

Through Institutions and crowd funding, funds are pulled in from investors who contribute the capital that is used for investment in the farming circle. The capital is then put into production, trading and logistics where our on boarded smallholder farmers are engaged.

4. Insurance:

Insurance is the protection against an unforeseen natural event. Each of our farm locations and commodity on transit carries an assurance cover to protect our investor’s investment.

5. Agrorite Bookies

We provide farm inventory management system to the farmer to ensure adequate documentation of expenses associated with the farming process, and also provide bi-weekly report to investors and off-takers.

6. Harvest & Warehousing

During harvest period the ripe crops are harvested from the field by the farmers and collected to a central Agrorite Aggregation Center (AGC) for easy off take.

7. Trade

Prior to embarking on a farming project, we source and identify buyers and negotiate on profitable margins that will favor the farmers. Upon harvest, the produce is package and shipped to the off takers locally or internationally. Crops not cultivate by us are equally sourced for trading.

8. Food

We offer well processed and high quality poultry produce to direct consumer.